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A few years ago, WNDA Studios began converting approximately thirty analog slide shows - the kind of shows that used real 35mm slides - into modern hi-def videos. The original first-generation shows were shot on Kodachrome and Ektachrome film stock and occasionally included video from grainy video tape; the images told the story of a country and its people through captivating scenes found along the way, catching visuals of people and landscapes in their natural surroundings. Most of the stories recorded every day life, pageants, celebrations and events experienced in rarely visited areas of the country, showing unusual sites seldomly seen by the West. These early shows used the best technology available at the time incorporating two screens, four projectors and primitive surround-sound audio. With the availability of hi-definition technology, WNDA Studios has embarked on a years-long project to update and upgrade these archival gems. We offer an ever-growing catalog of these upgraded and renovated videos here.
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WW II Europe - 50 Years After - Part I

James R. Nelon captured the remains of war in Europe. He filmed Berlin after the fall of the Wall, before glitz returned to former East Berlin, while Hitler’s Bunker and the Reichstag remained untouched after the war’s end. He recorded the remains of Auschwitz and Dacau. You'll also see the stories of Lidice, Terezin, Berchtesgaden and the Maginot Line. All serve as reminders of the war.

WW II Europe - 50 Years After - Part II

In Part II of James R. Nelon's documentary of the remains of war in Europe, he filmed the five beaches of the D-Day landing at Normandy. He recorded the remains of the Buchenwald concentration camp and the Museum in honor of those who perished there. You'll also see the stories of Bastogne, the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes forest and the Bridge at Remagen. And much more.

Central Asia

Follow in the footsteps of the ruthless Genghis Khan and the murderous Tamerlane through the heart of the centuries-old Silk Route. Tour the trading cities where caravansaries bartered silk and spices for hundreds of years. Admire the architecture of Muslim madrasas and minarets erected a thousand years ago. And enjoy today's markets and faces of Central Asia.


Laos! Southeast Asia's gem. Land of magnificent ethnic tribes tucked away in remote villages. A nation full of millennia-old temples, traditional celebrations and UNESCO-protected bygone centerpieces commanding to be explored and enjoyed.


Come along and watch the land of boiling mud pools, spurting geysers, spectacular glaciers and tumultuous waterfalls in this enchanting film of one of the most scenic places in the world.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka. Historically Ceylon. Land of tea. And elephants. And festivals. World Heritage Sites, National Parks, the Annual Kandy celebrations and much more await you in this wonderfully choreographed video.

Gujarat, India Part I

WNDA Studios takes you to one of the richest states in India to explore art, ancient civilizations and wildlife. Watch double Ikat being tie-dyed and woven. View the UNESCO World Hertage Site of the remains of the 16th century capital of Gujarat. Enjoy the rural tribal Gair Fair at Kawant. And much more . . .

Gujarat, India Part II

In this Gujarat, India Part II video, explore winding streets and narrow alleys of ancient Ahmedabad, capital of Gujarat. View historic tribes in their brilliantly woven and adorned dress. Enjoy wedding processionals and Shaman "examinations" in rural Kutch. And much more . . .

Pakistan: The Face & Places of North-West Frontier Province - Peshawar / Khyber Pass / Swat Valley / Gilgit

Enjoy exploring beautiful areas of Pakistan: the North-West Frontier Province, a region especially difficult to reach and appreciate in times of conflict. Watch street vendors of Peshawar; view scenes on the way to the Khyber Pass; visit spectacular Swat Valley landscapes; and explore Gilgit and onward to Kashgar in China.

Cappadocia, Turkey: Home to Troglodytes, Fairy Chimneys, Local Music and More …

Explore the mountain caves in Turkey where 5th century Christians lived – and hid from persecution. See the fairy chimneys that dot the landscape of Central Anatolia. And admire the architecture of the ancient Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia landmarks of Istanbul. You’ll be entertained by music from Turkey while watching villagers as they socialize in the town square of Ushisar, the centerpiece of Cappadocia.

The Philippines - Remote Tribes from the North to Tawi-Tawi in the South

Soaring thousands of feet into the sky, verdant two-thousand year old rice terraces sustain water-filled paddies perched precariously at the edges of towering, steep-sloped mountains. Secluded, seldom-visited inimitable tribes dwelling at subsistence levels in isolated distant jungles and rain forests cling to distinctive thousand year-old customs and cultures, practicing survival mechanisms crafted throughout the millennia. Nomadic tribes living on remote, outlying islands survive by cultivating rich mountainside soil, enriched by traditional slash and burn practices, providing sustenance in their seclusion from the modern world. Come along and watch The Philippines.

Indonesia - Sulawesi, Seram, Borneo - Mystical Tribes Amidst Remote Islands

Venture into the remotest regions of Indonesia, travel solo into the jungles and mountains of isolated islands and inaccessible villages to visit, stay with and photograph peoples only envisaged. See images and videos painting a vision of life as it is today in the rain forests and jungles of Indonesia. View dramatic photos only succeeded by the superb, rich videos captured while on adventures to Sulawesi, Seram and Borneo Islands.