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Success Stories

Creation of a Partnering Program for a Software Company


A medium-sized software firm realized that additional channels in addition to the direct sales operation could yield significant results. Partnering with complementary companies could generate significant synergy and demand for its software. Moreover, the additional channels would offer incentives for hardware and consulting synergies in both companies partnering on an opportunity.


The company established a Value Added Consulting operation to reach out to consultants to provide them with industry leading software and training to be used in their practice to extend the consultant's practice reach. The new channels program targeted hardware manufacturers to incentivize them to include the software company in their sponsored seminars and conferences. The software company representatives became frequent presenters at hardware-oriented forums and conventions, extending the reach, touch and message of the software capabilities. Revenues received by the hardware companies increased because of the increased demand for the base hardware on which the software ran.


Substantial awareness among the consulting community generated significant additional demand for software licenses; consulting opportunities and resulting revenues increased for the consulting firms as a result of the software capabilities introduced into client's operations. Moreover, hardware manufacturers realized that demand for additional processing hardware and high margin peripheral devices resulted in significant new customers and resulting revenue.

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