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RFID Technology Applied to Construction Sites


Construction firms typically budget significant resources in time and money to provide security and equipment safety during a construction project. Tool and equipment "shrinkage" during the project frequently consumes a major portion of what might have been profit from the project. Likewise, insurance premiums expend additional funds to cover liabilities which may arise during the project.  The potential for operating heavy equipment in adverse conditions may contribute to higher insurance premiums to cover potential accidents and the resulting lawsuits arising from on-site incidents.


RFID technology applied to expensive tools and equipment, synchronized with advanced software, enables construction firms to oversee and control unexpected movements of equipment and material on the job site. In addition, the capability of deactivating equipment during severe conditions or off hour time periods provides the ability to tighten the operational controls at the construction site.


Construction firms identify tools, equipment and material at their construction site to protect from unauthorized use or inappropriate access. Notified by smart phones of improper activities, project managers and supervisors know what actions to initiate to resolve detected breaches of protocol. Law enforcement officers can respond more quickly after detection of an incident. The potential for negotiated reduced insurance premiums offers savings to the project because of assurance of optimal operating conditions on the site.

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