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Success Stories

Expansion of Software Firm into New Markets


A mid-tier international software company based in the UK proposed to grow significantly by targeting the essentially untapped United States Life Sciences markets for its software. Expansion into the largest health insurance and pharmaceutical segments in the world could yield substantial increases in market share and revenues for the firm. The resulting impact could contribute significant gains in awareness for the company and its brand, as well as considerable increases in the firm's net income.


The software company engaged Nelon, Davis & Associates to grow the company's presence in the States by developing a campaign to target C-level managers. Nelon, Davis & Associates designed the campaign with a theme appropriate to building awareness and creating demand for the company's niche software. Identifying the compelling necessity for the software became the cornerstone of the message to the C-level executives and their staffs.


As a result of the campaign, the software firm gained vital access to senior management throughout the largest Life Sciences consulting firms in the States, attaining direct contacts with the Life Sciences executives who control budgets for their company's software purchase decisions. In addition, the software company achieved influential brand exposure at senior executive decision levels within the second tier consulting firms, resulting in leads for major follow-up sales opportunities.

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