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Integration of an Acquired Software Company


A very large international software company with operations throughout Asia acquired a US-based software firm. The acquired company offered significant product extensions to the existing software product offerings of the parent. The parent required a project plan - and subsequent execution of that plan - to integrate the acquired company's product lines into the parent company's existing operations throughout Asia/Pacific.


A software product integration plan requested that the project manager spend significant time in each of the more than twenty existing software offices throughout Asia/Pacific - from Japan to Australia, from Taiwan to India and Pakistan.  The integration plans for the Asia/Pacific region included the following activities:


The combined operations of the acquiring software company and the acquired software products yielded a merged synergistic product line, offering the sales operation additional profitable sales and service opportunities to new prospects as well as to existing clients. Sales professionals took advantage of the new product opportunities to expand their relationships with their existing user base. The newly trained organizations expanded their marketing reach through additional seminar and convention events at which demonstrations of the new capabilities enhanced awareness of the company's product offerings.

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