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Commercialization of Market Research Firm


A boutique market research firm patented a ground-breaking technology which statistically validated future buying behavior of potential customers of consumer goods. The results of the company's market research studies over the years gained a highly respected reputation among its relatively modest-sized client base. Understanding the intrinsic value and impact of his scientific discoveries to the broader market research community and its applicability to a larger geography, the founder of the company decided to expand his practice to gain a greater market reach.


Nelon, Davis & Associates, working closely with the founder, applied organizational best practices in shaping the objectives and goals which would measure success for the company's next five years. A new, expanded organization chart and the related position descriptions defined the roles of a fully staffed operation, providing step functions to achieve the objective results throughout the firm's expansion. Software development maps described achievement milestones throughout the development migration to the next stage of the company's evolution.


The founder of the company secured the tools, plans and knowledge to implement the projects necessary to build the company incrementally into a regional market research operation. With the website and company operations defined and implemented, the company has repositioned itself for growth beyond its historical localized operation.

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