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About Nelon, Davis & Associates

Nelon, Davis & Associates is a consulting company with offices on the east coast of the United States dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to our clients. With over eighty years of applied business experiences, our goal remains to understand your business issues and recommend practical solutions to drive your business to a successful solution. Our consultants meet personally with you to discuss, understand and establish specific mutual goals before building a plan of actions which will suit your needs.

Our Approach

Whether you are looking for an optimization of business processes, simplification of business practices or improvements to your margins, our consultants apply their depth of industry experiences to your situation. We employ best practices gained through many years of understanding practical business solutions to complex business problems, tuned and optimized to your fit your situation.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Please contact us for a preliminary assessment of your needs.

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Explore Our Other Businesses

In addition to Nelon, Davis & Associates, we operate two related businesses, described below. Also, the Photography of the World website by co-founder James R. Nelon is listed.

At WNDA Studios, you've arrived at the most amazing place to change the way others see you and your business. You will discover the subtle keys to unlock the heart of your business and show your true difference to achieve a world of success. Your vision will become your brand, clearly identifying your business message. Come in and take a look.

WNDA Studios

Memories Forever Studies is a Woolwich, Maine-based memorabilia preservation and restoration company dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to our clients. With over twenty years of experience in creating, optimizing, and preserving digital materials, we are confident that we can address your desire to preserve your memorabilia for posterity.

Memories Forever Studios

James R. Nelon, Co-founder of Nelon, Davis & Associates, is a talented author and still photographer who has written five books in his Pursuing A Dream series of photographic travelogues on remote tribes in Southeast Asia. He enjoys exploring the synergies of video and still photography in telling the many stories of far-off peoples throughout the world.

James R. Nelon